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Sem Dùvida is a Jewlery brand born in Portugal from the union of Italian and Portuguese culture.

The goal of Sem Dùvida is to, over time, represent every part of the world with its collections.

Sem Dùvida offers jewelry made entirely by hand by local artisans with high quality materials. By purchasing a Sem Dùvida accessory you will have a testimony of a culture of the world, made by hand by a representative of the culture itself.



Every piece of Sem dùvida’s is proudly handmade by local artisans.


Travel inspired

Sem Dùvida is an italian-portuguese jewlery brand born in 2022 during a trip that deeply inspired its founders. Combining the founders' passion for travel, art and jewlery Sem Dùvida was created, with an artisanal beating heart.
Each piece is handmade in our labs: in Italy and in Portugal. We work with gold, silver and precious stones.


For our World

Each step of our production is tailored to reduce waste and pollution, while still retaining variety and quality.


Cultural knowledge

We want to represent all cultures around the world with our collections.